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  • Sep. 2006

    Sep-1st-2006 , Qingdao Eastfield Hi-dynasty Wood Co.,Ltd is established by Hongkong Eastfield Group.

  • Nov. 2006

    Nov-2006, Qingdao Eastfield Hi-dynasty Wood Co.,Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong Luxin real estate Co.,LTD  about 11000 sets of home furnitures of  the “Luxin Changchun Gardon” project.
  • Mar. 2007

    March-2007, Qingdao Eastfield Hi-dynasty Wood Co.,Ltd was authorized to produce  Stanley’s sliding-door and cabinet by America Stanley Black & Decker.Inc 
  • Aug. 2009

    Aug-2009,To overcome many cabinet and wardrobe manufacturers with our good quality and full service , signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Vanke Co.,LTD  to supply  home furniture for  their  China’s real estate.
  • Apr. 2010

    25th-Apr-2010,Our 2500-squre-metre flagship store was established a Vanke Co.,LTD  to supply  home furniture for  their  China’s real estate.
  • Oct. 2010

    26th-Oct-2010, Youfeel participate in the china-arab investment exposition and china-arab arab trade fair, who were proud that vice-chairman of the United Nations world harmonious foundation,Lebanon’s ambassador and many other customers came to visit us . 
  • Dec.2010

    Dec-2010, Our new cabinet design –Beethoven won the 2010 annual Chinese cabinet industry best award- ‘Annual Excellent Function of Cabinet Design’.
  • Nov. 2011

    3rd-Nov-2011,Youfeel won the Chinese cabinet industry award-“The First Chice to Home Furniture For Engineering’’.
  • Dec. 2011

    22th-Dec-2011,Youfeel became the chamber unit of China Furniture Associtation 
  • May. 2012

    May-2012,Youfeel participated in compiling the  ‘integral ambry after-sales service standards’ ,which were issued by the the ministry of commerce .
  • Apr.2013

    Apr-2013, Youfeel won the award- ‘2012 most innovative brand enterprice’
  • Jul. 2013

    Jul-2013, To be top 500 enterprises in Chinese furniture industry.
  • Sep. 2013

    Sep-2013,  Qingdao City Famous Trademark
  • Feb. 2015

    Feb-2015, Won the honorary title -Shandong Provice Famous Trademark
  • Mar.2015

    Mar-2015, Youfeel won ‘Excellent Foreign Capital Enterprise’ and ‘Tax Outstanding Contribution Unit’  titles .

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